Chuzhou Brother Technology Co., Ltd .Is a specializing in the production and operation of drum washing machine observation window and other pressed glass products of the modern enterprise. The company is located in the beautiful scenery at the foot of the Langya mountain, east of Nanjing, south of 50KM, from the provincial capital of Hefei 100KM. The south high-speed, Nanjing high-speed, the Beijing-Shanghai railway through the city, away from Nanjing port is only 70KM, traffic, transportation is very convenient.
  Company predecessor Chuzhou Brother Glass CO., LTD. (founded in 2006), in response to calls for big chuhe city municipal party committee of construction and the needs of the company growth,Chuzhou Brother Technology co., LTD in national industrial park of chuzhou city. Chuzhou Brother Technology Co., LTD to meet the quartet visitors with a fresh outlook.
  The new company using the world's most advanced glass melting system and technology. The quality of the product quality and performance has been supporting the production of drum washing machine manufacturers of praise. Especially in the past years for drum washing machine glass observation window products, putting in a lot of cost, develop low boron silicon glass, performance is better than the current washing machine glass observation window glass.
  The company is now with a number of international, the domestic well-known washing machine manufacturing enterprises cooperation, are: South Korea's Samsung, Japan, Hitachi, sharp, Panasonic Sanyo department; Turkey times; China Galanz, little swan. The company has first-class technical and management personnel, including a senior engineer, production and quality engineer three, technical personnel of the total number of employees to 40%, undergraduate and master's degree or above four management staff. At the same time, Chuzhou City Federation of industry and Commerce entrepreneurial training center as a professional advisory body, also has as many as 54 Bodao, Shuodao consultancy team consisting of professional, senior professor of Northwestern University Silicate Institute as a technical adviser to the company.
  Companies adhering to the "innovation management, harmonious development" business philosophy, and sincerely hope that the drum washing machine enterprise cooperation, join hands and common development, to contribute to the development of drum washing machine

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